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Group Discussion Guides

You aren't supposed to talk about it in church, but in this series, we take a look at what the Bible has to say about money!  And it has quite a lot to say!


Week 1:  God doesn't want your money

Week 2:  What to do with all this stuff

Week 3:  How much?

Week 4:  Planning your Giving

Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, right?  Wrong!  In this series we look at the power of your words and our responsibility to steward them.


Week 1:  Spark

Week 2:  The Heart of the Matter

Week 3:  Shhh...

Week 4:  What (Not) to Say

Church to many is a place where you have to put on a show and pretend to be something that you are not.  We believe the Bible teaches that it's OK to not be OK. God just doesn't want you stay that way.


Week 1:  #hashtag

Week 2:  It's OK to have a past

Week 3:  It's OK to have questions

Week 4:  It's OK to struggle with sin

Week 5:  It's OK to be angry...

Just because it's on Facebook doesn't mean that the Bible says it.  Check out four of the lies that we believe.


Lie #1:  God won't put more on you than you can handle

Lie #2:  Follow your heart

Lie #3:  It doesn't matter what I do

Lie #4:  I deserve to be happy

The Holy Spirit isn’t an add-on to your Christian life. He is the power behind it all.


Week 1: The Operating System

Week 2: Getting in the Way

Week 3: The Spirit’s War

Week 4: The Gifts of the Spirit

Week 5: The Best Gift Ever


In this series, we look through the book of Acts at some of the activities and attitudes found in the Early Church.


Week 1: Be a part-- Acts 2:22-24, 36-41

Week 2: Be devoted-- Acts 2:42-47

Week 3: Be bold-- Acts 4:23-31

Week 4: Be moving-- Acts 16:6-10

Week 5: Be Culture shifting-- Acts 19:21-41



Whether single, married, or divorced, it's important that we study what the Bible says about relationships and marriage.


Week 1: Two Become One

Week 2: Love and Respect

Week 3: Love and Respect

Week 4: Your Marriage Matters





In this series, we are seeking to raise tensions that exist in Scripture. We believe that Scripture constantly calls us into tension, because it is in the tensions that we become more like Jesus.


Week 1: Grace and Truth

Week 2: Helping or Hurting

Week 3: God's Choice or Mine

Week 4: Freedom or Responsibilty 

Week 5: A Tale of Two Kingdoms





What we believe about death and eternity will determine how we live.


Week 1: What Happens When You Die

Week 2: Judgment

Week 3: Hell

Week 4: Heaven





Summer is a time of year when we have extra leisure time and the weather is nice, so it can be easy for us to neglect spiritual things. This series encourages us to take our faith with us wherever we go this summer!


Week 1: Don't Waste Your Summer

Week 2: Pursue Holiness






Everyone carries within themselves a brokenness. God, through Christ, makes the broken whole.


Week 1: Broken

Week 2: Alone

Week 3: Helpless

Week 4: Whole





Service is such a big part of who we are

at Crosswind Church. Get a deeper look

through the eyes of some individuals that serve through him!


Week 1: We are in this together

Week 2: Doers not just Hearers

Week 3: Serve Like Jesus

What would you say or how would you respond, if you could look the person that wronged you in the eye?


Week 1: Betrayed

Week 2: Falsely Accused and Frogotten

Week 3: Finally...

Week 4: How would you respond?